The farm. “Terre sul Dirillo Società Agricola” was founded in 2011 by two young Hyblaen entrepreneurs who decided to work on two quality factors: the territory and the agricultural production. “Terre sul Dirillo” was created to give continuity to the family’s business tradition, which was started by the paternal great-grandfather Carmelo Ravalli who had bought, between 1934 and 1947, several lots of land. “Terre sul Dirillo” owns almost 4.000 olive trees both centuries-old and newly planted with the European certificate “organic farming”.

Organic production. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Fior di Olive” is characterized by an intense smell of fruit with a marked aroma of artichoke, oregano and green tomato. After having delicately tickled the palate with its gentle taste of artichoke, it releases a slightly bitter and discretely spicy taste which gradually grows long and balanced with a hint of bitter September almond.

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