Critida is a family company in Crete Greece with a long experience and knowledge to produce, standardize and trade extra virgin olive oil. Family of Critida has a three generation history in the olive oil market and continues to produce olive oil with traditional methods as in the old good times. The use of the cold pressure method sustains intact the nutritional facts of the olive oil and gives to it a unique aroma and flavor.

Critida's olive oil comes from fields that belong to the owner’s family for three generations and from producers located mainly in the valley of Messara in the southern area of Crete, where the uniquely favourable climatic conditions of the region help sustain a rich floral and faunal biodiversity, while contributing to the optimal growth of the olive.

Our company produces high quality products in a variety of flavors and packaging such as extra virgin olive oil with acidity up to 0.3%, organic olive oil of max 0.3% acidity, Sitia and Peza, Mesara, extra virgin olive oil, which they are Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) and olive paste. We also trade organic olive oil infused with organic herbs from the generous Cretan land such as oregano, thyme, rosemary and spices such as paprika, garlic and lemon.

Critida has an export activity in many countries such as Germany, France, Denmark, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Canada, U.S.A, Norway, Brazil and UAE. All of our products are being produced in modern facilities under strict supervision, according to EU regulations and they have all the necessary certificates. The continuous search for new materials and our effort to maintain the quality of our products, have led the company in international markets, where has been honored with many awards.

With a three generation history in the olive oil production we give high credit and have a strong commitment to the finest quality of olive oil. With respect for tradition and quality we choose every time the best quality of olive fruit, thus achieving the best result. We have a strong belief to this unique Cretan product and we keep continue our efforts to give to the Cretan olive oil the place it deserves in the global market.


Denmark 2006, Elaiotexnia 2008, Czech 2014, Czech 2015, COOC 2016, Terraolivo 2016.


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