Founded in 1999, TUAY has been a family-owned company since 2004. Productions are carried out organic and conventional. We carry our production with new operating principles of the scientific basis on which we rely on the international quality standards. The type of olive we produce MEMECİK olives.

Our production facilities are operated with ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System. We are working on 770m2 areas over 4850m2 with the highest production capacity in the province. Furthermore, in our factory, we have the only conditioned oil reservoir in the province. We produce with a boutique approach and higher antioxidant content.


Silver medal (Japan, Turkey in 2013), Gold medal (Japan, Turkey in 2014), Gold medal (Turkey in 2015), Silver medal (Japan in 2015), 88 points (Italy in 2016), Premium medal (Turkey, Israel in 2016), Silver medal (Turkey in 2016), Gold medal (Japan).


Address: Erdemli Zeytinyagi Fabrikasi / Erdemli Olive Oil Mill
Kizilcayer Mevkii Turgut Yolu Üzeri 1. KM Yenikoy - Yatagan / Mugla
Tel: 0252 572 74 74

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